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Made in Italy sport supplements.

Sport supplements GJAV (excluding Omegreen!)  from are registered with the Vegan Society and are also certified in Italy in compliance with ISO 14021.

Our eight sport supplements vegan (excluding Omegreen!) have the certification ISO 14021: so everyone buys our products can count on the certainty of the statement by our company. This self-certification involves the preparation of GMP (good practice Manifacture) involving the use of predominant route of raw materials, vegetable substance, synthesis of minerals and raw materials that are certified as GMO-free, animal derivatives-free, allergens-free (milk, eggs, shellfish, etc.).

GJAVis the Italian line of nutritional supplements for athletes, gluten-free, allergen-free, 100% doping tested suitable for vegans and for vegetarians (excluding Omegreen!).

Vegan Society London Trade Mark Vegan products

Sport supplements Vegan Without GMO

Substances used in the certified products registred form Vegan Society not come from genetically modified crops to plant. In the case of use of substances derived from corn and soy, vegetable in which this is particularly the genetic manipulation, the non-transgenic origin was verified with particular attention.

It is implemented reduction the packaging, as well as everything related to the product’s environmental impact throughout its life cycle. GJAV involved in the project impact Zero of Life Gate. The product pack is Zero Impact because CO2 derived from production is eliminated through reforestation and maintenance of plantations in Amazon forest.

For each sport supplement GJAV (excluding Omegreen!) placed on the market has prepared a dossier containing all the certifications related to raw materials or processes that are part of the production of the finished product. The dossier also includes descriptions of the production process, all formula, or a description of the components of the finished product (Table nutritional ministerial notification, sourcing of raw materials, etc).

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