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Replacing the electrolytes lost during training promotes proper rehydration.

PROCOMPETITION! Hypotonic food supplement with alkaline mineral salts and vitamins


Procompetition! is an Hypotonic Sports drink intended to quickly replace water lost during exercise.
Procompetition! is an alkalizing food supplements for athletes, 100% vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, certified doping free with Zero Impact ® pack. Procompetition! is a food supplements suitable for runners, triathletes, also recommended for those who practice MMA and cross fit,  formulated to be taken during the training or the match.

Procompetition! is the first supplement for sports with alkalizing action, negative PRAL (-14.9) and alkalinizing power equal to 0.90 mEq/g. Its unique formula improves the cells’ exchange and determines an advantage in the action-buffer on the lactic acid produced by the athlete during physical effort.
Procompetition! contains pH alcalin ®. ,this is a unique mix present in supplements GJAV with mineral salt -bicarbonate and citrate – that gives the product an alkalizing power and a negative PRAL.

Procompetition! is a food supplement in powder with alkaline mineral salts, B-vitamins, C-vitamin, sugars and sweeteners. Procompetition! provides adequate integration saline in excessive sweating. Magnesium and potassium contributes to maintenance of normal muscle function. Excellent in cases of low intake by normal diet or increased demand.


Mix one serving (20 g – 2,5 scoops) with 250 ml of cold water. To achieve maximum results, take on an empty stomach during workout. You obtain a hypotonic sport drink with a concentration of 205 mOsm/l .


Maltodextrin, isomaltulose, citric acid, natural flavour, pH alcalin® (potassium bicarbonate, potassium citrate, magnesium citrate, calcium citrate), ascorbic acid (C Vit.). Sweeteners: sucralose, thiamine hydrochloride (B1 Vit.).


Not to exceed the daily dose. Supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Do not use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding or for a long period without a medical advice. Keep out of reach of children under 3 years of age. Store in a cool, dry place away from light.

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A fluid loss of 2% of your body weight, can reduce your performance by 10%. Other effects of dehydration are cramps, headache and overheating. Procompetition! Is an ipotonic mineral drink that contains pH alcalin ® a mix of three alkalising organic mineral salts potassium, magnesium and calcium, and low G.I. carbohydrates such as matlodextrins and isolmaltulose to ensure a fast absorption. This helps prevent dehydration during exercise. Hypotonic drinks contain a lower concentration of salt and sugar than the human body.