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Sport supplements alkalising for athletes; try the difference!

sport supplements for athletes

Why does alkalising sports supplements?

Alkalising sports supplements GJAV are improving athletic performance, physical and mental health of athletes engaged in sports of strength and endurance.

GJAV is the first Italian line of alkalising nutritional supplements for athletes, certified gluten-free, doping tested, formulated for vegans (excluding Omegreen!)

Sport supplements for athletes are manufactured to mix strict production standards with certified raw materials without allergens (Directive 2007/68/EC), GMO-free, lactose-free, and first of all.

Made in Italy Italian Made Italian Quality

Sport supplements alkalising for athletes

Each batch of sport supplements GJAV has been previously tested by the Regional Public Health Laboratory of the of Florence , and is certified free of nandrolone and testosterone, with their precursors (anabolic steroids), no ephedrine and amphetamines (stimulants), devoid of diuretic and beta 2-agonists, banned by anti-doping laws.

Sport supplements GJAV are in the memorandum of the Italian Celiac (AIC 2016) and are suitable for celiacs and those athletes who have a gluten sensitivity. Each production batch is certified gluten-free and titrated by ELISA R5. The results of all tests and certifications are available on our site.

Sport supplements alkalizing

Products in powder or tablets are designed to provide rapid absorption of the active ingredients and to facilitate the recovery and well-being of each athlete subjected to intense and prolonged athletic effort.

The products are formulated pH alcaline ®, a mixture of alkaline mineral salts, functional for the absorption of sugars and amino-acids, active ingredients pure, synthetic, mineral and vegetable.

Sport supplements GJAV are suitable for vegans and vegetarians (excluding Omegreen!).

Dietary supplements are metabolized by the body without release nitrogenous waste as they have a negative potential for renal acidosis (PRAL). This promotes cellular hydration, energy recovery and muscle tropism before, during and after exercise.

Carbon neutral Sport supplements

GJAV has a green heart! The products are certified Zero Impact ® from Life Gate. The CO2 emissions from the production of plastic jars, labels and logistics handling of products is offset by credits (RECS) generated by the action of creation and protection of forests in the Costa Rica.

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